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Now every weekday and weekend we are embraced with a phone or computer. Why? Yes, because we have forgotten how to spend time qualitatively, playing sports or live games. Visit the theater, amusement park or bowling. Instead, we lie down on the sofa, turn on the video game and drop out of the real world for a few hours.

It seems to us that everything is fine and now both children and adults prefer innovative technologies. Society seeks to simplify any process. This applies not only to leisure or communication via instant messengers and video communications. Manufacturability is also tightly included in our life.

We rarely clean and wash the floors with our own hands since the robot vacuum cleaner has long become an indispensable helper in housekeeping. Smart dishwashers also do the dirty work for us. Bread ovens and multi cooks on the stand-alone mode prepare delicious meals for any meal. Where is even easier?

And so our whole life becomes surrounded by incomprehensible devices, the purpose of which we sometimes forget. But how do we live in the age of oblivion by different devices? Sometimes you need to take a break and rest from all devices. Turn off the TV and go to nature to roast meat, turn off mobile phones on the weekend and organize trips to interesting urban places.

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