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All the comments are 100% real! Come from all over the world. You can sent to us your comments and we`ll place it. Comments start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 20 to 50 comments per day. Comments can be splitted between different post.

Please be sure that you insert correct YOUR PAGE URL and E-Mail.


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How to get around everyone on Facebook? Buy comments on Facebook.

The fact that Facebook is the most popular social network, you do not need to tell. This is obvious and does not require any absolute evidence. Every second has a personal or commercial Facebook account. And it says a lot. First of all, that it is impossible not to pay attention to this effective sales channel and platform for communication.

To be popular on Facebook, it is now not enough to keep an interesting blog and post posts with colorful photos. You need to be in the top. And for this you need a completely different.

What do you need to be on Facebook top? At least the activity of users and subscribers on your page. It does not matter whether you sell services or products via Facebook or want to get a personal vocation to the audience. You need visible interest of people to your account. Facebook comments will help you with this.

Take a few minutes’ time. Now we will briefly and clearly explain to you how Facebook comments will help you get ahead of all competitors and why you should try this service.

Why Facebook comments work

We humans tend to trust the opinions of others. When we see the comments of other users in the profile on Facebook, we automatically begin to show loyalty to this account. This gives the user confidence in the profile and Facebook comments. Trust and loyalty – this is what you need to win the right audience on Facebook. Neither popularity nor the number of posts and photos will help you. So do not waste a minute and buy Facebook comments.

Viplikes and quality

Do you know how to distinguish real comments  provided by the services? No. If the work is done with quality and perfect. That is how the service works on Viplikes. You can be sure that you buy real comments for Facebook.

There is no reason to worry about the security of using the service. Your account will not be blocked or suspected of unauthorized actions. Because our comments from live users.

How does the service work?

We make sure that our customers receive the best service. This approach allows us to work as quickly and efficiently as possible for your benefit. What we give, you will not find on the Internet with competing companies. Because we know our business and hold a leading position in the social marketing market.

 What are the benefits of Viplikes?

  • First, you get 100% quality Facebook comments. Yes, yes, this is true. We are responsible for our product and we try to provide you with only proven service.
  • Secondly, you get up to 50 Facebok comments every day.
  • Thirdly, all comments can be divided in different amounts for each post. This is very convenient if you want to focus on a particular post or photo.

How to pay for the service

There is nothing difficult. You do not need to go anywhere and transfer the planned affairs. Everything can be paid directly from home or at work.

What you need:

  • Enter your email and account information on Facebook
  • Select the number of comments you need.
  • Pay by cashless purchase
  • Get paid to comment on Facebook

As you can see, everything happens quickly and simply. All payments are protected and your information will remain confidential.

By the way, comments will begin to appear in your account immediately after payment.

How many comments you can buy

Your goals determine all your actions. Buying comments on Facebook is no exception. The number and time of using the service depends on what you want to get in the end. Increase in sales, personal popularity or recognition. We provide excellent service for Facebook for any requests and desires.

On our site you can choose the package of comments you like for Facebook. You can purchase 5 or 10 real Facebook comments for starters. But in order to achieve a better result, you should purchase a larger package of 100 comments.

Prices  do not bite

And again the good news. We try to make our services accessible to each user. Therefore, the prices of all comments packages are very affordable. For example, Facebook comments can be purchased from just $ 9 to $ 150.

What would you spend money on? For one delicious dinner or a long-term service, which can change your life? Having made a choice in favor of the service, we will never regret about this profitable investment.

Try and do not sting

Do not doubt your decisions. Facebook promotion is a useful tool if you plan to improve your position in a competitive market. It is not difficult if you are engaged in the development of your account regularly and follow the trends. This does not mean that you should wrestle every day and look for new tools. The service will do everything for you and help set the right direction in account development.

Forget about the promotion of the profile in our time is a luxury. Everything is focused on the Internet. So why not take advantage?

Let’s buy real Facebook comments and succeed.