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You know, in the 20th century, the role of education was extremely great. And not only higher, but also secondary special. First of all, people worked with their hands and it was an honor. Around the world, turners, locksmiths and plumbers were in value and were considered good professions. Moreover, not everyone could go to college and pass exams the first time. And only the most courageous could try to enter the university in a year.

Now, when we live in the advanced age of technology, as it seems at first, higher education is a pass to life. You can get a salary several times higher compared to those who did not receive it. But this is a very controversial statement for most countries. Of course, in Europe, there are certain standards, and there a higher education really determines your social status and income.

However, in other cases, we can safely say that now the diploma is left lying in a dark box or somewhere far away on the shelf. This suggests that now formal evidence of any level of education has no past value. Even when you want to get a job, you will realize that the boss will be interested in your experience and real skills and merit.

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