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Weekly package

500 Insta Followers

$49.99  $24.99

Weekly package

1000 Insta Followers

$99.99  $49.99

Weekly package

3000 Insta Followers

$199.99  $99.99

Monthly package

1000 Insta Followers

$149.99  $74.99

Monthly package

5000 Insta Followers

$449.99  $224.99

Monthly package

  10000 Insta Followers

$699.99  $349.99

Since day when Instagram is a powerful channel for promoting yourself and your blog, new and new marketing tools to increase profile popularity and visibility appear regularly in it and for it. And if so many bloggers and just owners of their online diaries have used the services of buying likes and followers, then very few people have thought about instagram packages. And it’s in vain, because this promotion tool combines at once three effective and powerful ways to increase the recognition of one’s instagram personality. Why it is good to buy instagram packages and what advantages to buy likes, comments and followers you will receive has, we are going to to find out in this article.

Buy a package – get a three-fold benefit in promoting your instagram profile

Since both instagram blogging and other areas of self-praise do not stand still and develop, it is not so easy to stay in sight on instagram. You need to regularly post information, track activity on the instagram profile, keep track of the number of likes and comments for each new post, and it becomes very difficult to keep up with each comment and takes a lot of time. And if you run a few more instagram and other pages in parallel, you can assume that your life will be tied to social networks.

Due to the regular lack of time for active blogging, but the urgent need to maintain the life of your instagram profiles, will be extremely useful to use such a service as buying an instagram package of likes, comments and followers to the insgrads.

An instagram package is an optimal and effective combination of likes, followers and comments that will regularly come to your instagram profile, and in the meantime you will be doing what your heart desires.

The advantages for you to buy followers and likes for instagram are obvious:

  • you will be free from tracking the arrivals of likes, comments and other statistics – the insta followers and likes package will provide you with the necessary amount of comments, likes and followers;
  • you will be able to more effectively engage in the development of other projects on Instagram or do other things for which you did not have enough time;
  • target instagram audiences will respond to your posts and profiles, not random passers-by. In this case, to purchase insta followers and likes package brings you maximum efficiency and return.

And also – paying for package will give you the opportunity to balance the look of the instagram profile and not receive any suspicious feedback from the audience. And even more so – the instagram will not perceive a balanced increase as spam or bot activity and you will always be in the top and the thick of events. It is very import not to promote your profile only with likes and followers, but with full package. According to this, your followers will see that your profile is real and active.

After its appearance, the package of likes, comments and followers to the instagram was a real salvation for very busy people who do not want to lose their audience and indicators in terms of coverage, but still not against refreshing the list of their readers and admirers with new people, likes and comments.

Everyone who buy ig package  has another, seemingly inconspicuous, but very valuable benefit – it is a money saving. Purchasing insta package, you can save a significant amount of money. If you bought each of the components (likes, comments, followers) separately, in some cases you would have to spend three times more money. That is why such a proposal of buying likes, followers and comments in one package has become so popular among those who want to move to the top issuing to the Instragram.

For whom the purchase of the package will be useful?

First of all, it will bring great benefits to all those, who want to save money or who do not yet have large budgets for their advancement in instagram. But also, do not forget to pay attention to the package of likes, followers and comments those who:

  • is not able to develop his own instagram profile yet;
  • wants to draw attention to the updated instagram profile or has changed the general course of the blog and wants to get fresh comments, likes, subscriptions, and in general returns;
  • suffers from a lack of time for tracking statistics and instagram blog development, but wants to stay afloat and not fall out of the active life of instagram, get new likes and followers;
  • wants to attract real people and likes from active users on their instagram profile, but not spam and bots that are suspicious;
  • wants to get into the top recommended instagram to win a new audience and get an organic parish;
  • does not want to promote a blog using only one channel, but wants to check how effective the buying instagram package will be for him/her.

Why are you need to buy a package and what you need to know before buying?

In ordering instagram package there are a lot of advantages – likes, comments and new followers at the same time coming to the instagram profile, this is a very powerful tool for promoting a personal brand and personal profile.

Before you adopt this purchase, you must absolutely clearly understand why you want to use this method of instagram profile promotion. Then it will be easier to determine the number of likes, comments and followers.

Absolutely exactly why you should not give preference only to buy cheap instagram followers and likes in package  – this is a desire to save money. If you have big budgets, first consult your provider’s company which method will be more effective for you. So, you save time and money not paying for unnecessary instagram followers, likes and comments.

To give your money to the first available company, which promises a result of likes, comments and followers and an effect almost for nothing, is also not worth it. Find someone, who is really responsible for the effect of such a campaign. One of the most suitable providers in this sense of this type of service can be safely called the company Viplikes.

For answering the question how to buy followers and likes on instagram and on what things you have to pay attention, we offer you a small list of points, before you decide to buy real instagram followers that like pictures, likes and comments in one package:

  • whether bots and machines are used to make a deal in instagram. It is better and more effective for you if the provider provides a base of real-life users of instagram;
  • how (according to the schedule of taking likes, according to your desire, at the discretion of the provider) your instagram profile will receive like, comments and follower services from the package. It is important for you that this will not be chaotic and erratic, but it is better that such an arrival and increase be balanced in time and in quantity. Please, note that if you make instagram posts irregularly, then there will be nothing to like and comment on new ones, therefore promotion also depends on your activity;
  • choosing one of the providers, immediately find out about the financial policy of the company. Regularly happens that many unscrupulous companies hide the final purchase price. Firstly you pay start price, and then you pay additional fees of various kinds or other incomprehensible payments. It will be better if the final purchase price is announced to you immediately after you select the instagram package of likes, followers and comments to buy and ready to pay for it.

Thus, the offer price of the purchase from the provider should not be unjustifiably inflated and suspiciously low, and also the number of likes, comments and followers within the package should not have a significant gap from each other. For example, 10 likes, 1000 followers and 1 comment is a completely unbalanced offer.

So, if you want a fair financial play, go and order instagram package from Viplikes.

What  is the best site to buy instagram followers and likes?

Viplikes can rightly be considered the very place where new opinion leaders, tops liked people and super popular people are born. Due to the fact that we offer to buy only the right and high-quality promotion tools, your profile will be organic and balanced by the number of likes, comments and new followers. Our company is the best place to buy ig followers and likes safely and convenient.

We have no hidden fees, surcharges for anything and the prices are consistent with the market. By buying likes and followers from us, you will not be caught in dishonesty and bad faith, since we guarantee the conditions of complete anonymity – you and your followers will not find any mention of your name on the network from us.

What is also important, all our clients are always satisfied with the quality of service (likes, followers and comments). When buy real instagram followers that like your photos here, you will receive management advice and you will be aware of how likes, comments and followers you buy will appear in your profile.

It is very easy to buy real active instagram followers and likes – just go to the website in the section you need, select a package offer, fill in the information, pay for the package and forget about the constant update of the page and tracking the statistics. All the payments for your order of package will do regularly, the data of your credit card should be given only one time. The main rule is that your profile should be open, only with this condition you can order instagram package.

Just buy instagram packages, and you can get quick returns only from us. Purchase instagram followers and likes and be sure of good statistic result of your profile.