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The goal is the actual result you intend to achieve. And the skills that can help you can learn. But is it necessary to learn this? After all, so many people live, not knowing what the meaning of the day is, and what they have to do tomorrow. You cannot condemn this model of behavior. Because the meaning of life is an incomprehensible philosophical unit.

When we ourselves invent an idea for which we wake up, we do not suspect that we are choosing only one of a million possible options. Someone begins to live for the sake of children, someone for the sake of art and other areas. But long before, but our birth into the world, philosophical schools have already developed concepts that we follow with you now.

Hedonists focus on pleasure. Materialists believe that all that is needed is to produce material values and leave a cultural heritage for future descendants. Other schools believe that it is impossible to know the world, and, therefore, it is impossible to establish any unit as a vital meaning. But in real life, all thoughts go away.

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