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Did you ever heard that business development is closely related to how a person behaves in everyday life? Yes, the situation is not unambiguous. Because we all have friends who studied at the school and got bad marks and now manage departments in companies or corporations. And also those who liked to play pranks did not know how to communicate with people, now became the most obedient citizens and exemplary family men.

These experiences from life can say that people change and can get better. But when the critical moment comes, then you can give an accurate description. It is by working with the stress that with each of its reactions a person shows a true inner state. The rest of the time, you can show some kind of automatic skills, but the inner qualities remain constant.

This story is that all simple human qualities generate the skills that we use in business. If you honestly live day after day, then you will conduct business with partners accordingly. And if you are one of those who like to lie and embellish a little reality, then at business meetings you will be a little cunning. This simple pattern is traced in every step and action that we produce hourly.

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